Shakespeare week newsletter

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Great ‘arts’ news, the show must go on!

For the week commencing the 24th of May, Hollywood will be embracing the much missed ‘arts’ and holding an ‘arts’ led Shakespeare week. All children will be involved and have a specialised play for their year group. Children will be introduced to the life and works of Shakespeare and research the ideas, and themes along with a year group play.

The week will be an exciting opportunity for children to fully immerse themselves in drama, music, arts, craft and dance. The staff are really excited about this week and the opportunities the children will have to unleash their creativity.

Our fantastic catering team will also be providing a Shakespeare themed meal with lots of exciting food choices on Friday 28th May. Please use ParentPay to order this fantastic lunch.



Ham crusty roll


Fish or fishless fingers


Broccoli spears


Chunky fries


Chocolate brownie and cream

On the Friday of that week, the 28th May, we would love to hold a costume day where children can celebrate the many famous characters and themes linked to their year group. Please take a look at the play your child will be studying in the chart below and some costume ideas linked to the theme. The ideas could be as simple as designing a t-shirt or top together with fabric pens with a quote of Shakespeare.

We are all so excited about this week and as always thank you for your ongoing support.

Many thanks,

Mrs. E. Brown

Arts Lead

Base Shakespeare in general and they will be touching on some of the themes below.

All of the ideas above plus of course anything else Shakespearian.

Reception – Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet

Hearts and Daggers.

Team Montague

Team Capulet


Year 1 – Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet

Hearts and Daggers.

Team Montague

Team Capulet


Year 2 A Midsummer’s night dream


Fairies, Donkeys, sprites, woodland animals.


Year 3- Hamlet


Ghost, Hamlet, Queen or King, poison bottles.

Skull design t-shirt.

To be or not to be design t-shirt.

Year 4 – Julius Caesar


Julius Caesar, Soldiers, Roman statues.

Rome t-shirt

Year 5 – Macbeth


Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Witches, cauldron, Scottish flag or costume.
Year 6 – The Tempest Fishermen, boats, palm trees, monster/savage – Caliban.

Wave inspired t-shirts.