Healthy Eating

At Hollywood Primary School we are committed to giving our pupils consistent messages about all aspects of health to help them understand the impact of particular behaviours and encourage them to take responsibility for the choices they make.

Our school is a healthy school. It is important that we consider all elements of our work to ensure that we promote health awareness in all members of the school community. We can provide a valuable role model to pupils and their families with regard to food and healthy eating patterns.

In our school, we actively support healthy eating and drinking throughout the school day.

Through effective leadership, the school ethos and the curriculum, all school staff can bring together all elements of the school day to create an environment which supports a healthy lifestyle.

Immediate benefits from healthy eating include:

  • Preventing dental decay, obesity and anaemia.
  • Improving concentration and behaviour.
  • Raising achievement.

Longer term health benefits include:

  • Prevention of coronary disease
  • Reduced risk of some cancers
  • Prevention of osteoporosis (brittle bones)

Partnership with parents and carers

The partnership between home and school is critical in shaping how children and young people behave, particularly where health is concerned. Each must reinforce the other.


  • Children can bring their own water bottles into their classrooms and are encouraged to drink water whenever they feel thirsty. They are allowed to refill their water bottles when needed.
  • Mid-morning milk is ordered for children who require it and is paid for on a monthly basis
  • At dinner time children will be offered water or milk.


  • We recognise the importance of eating a balanced breakfast and realise that it is hard to concentrate on learning and maintain energy levels without breakfast.
  • The breakfast club operates on a daily basis in the school for all children. We particularly encourage children who we know to have little or no time for breakfast in the mornings at home.
  • The food offered is healthy and is consistent with a healthy diet.

School Meals

  • Our school works with the catering service to ensure that healthy choices are available and that national standards are met.
  • Fruit and vegetables are included as part of the meal and salad is available for the children to help themselves. Where possible, meals have a reduced fat, salt and sugar content.
  • Vegetarian and medical needs will be met in appropriate ways.
  • The weekly menu is on display for the children and parents.

View our School’s Dinner Menu

 Food Hygiene

  • Children should be reminded to wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating.
  • Water bottles and lunch boxes should be taken home every day to be washed.
  • When handling food in lessons both staff and children should have clean hands, hair tied back and a clean surface to work on.