Hollywood Primary School is a two form entry Community School located in the Billesley Ward area of Birmingham. The School was completely modernised and rebuilt in 2005.

Hollywood Primary School cannot admit any more pupils above its published admission number without prejudice to the provision of efficient education and the efficient use of resources for the following reasons:

  • The School only has one hall, which barely accommodate the infant and junior departments for assembly.
  • Corridors are used on a daily basis to expand into for lessons and to house much of the stock. Storage space throughout the entire School is very limited and currently, there are insufficient cloakroom spaces for the children already in School particularly in the winter months.
  • There is a small creative area in each reception classroom and the use of this would be compromised by adding an extra desk to accommodate an additional pupil.
  • Even though the classrooms for Year 3 to Year 6 are no larger, the furniture in these rooms has to be bigger to accommodate the size of the children, making them more cramped when full. If extra pupils above the limit of 30 per class are admitted on appeal to Reception, this will exacerbate this problem for subsequent year groups.
  • There is no separate dinner canteen available and the hall is not large enough to cater for all the children in one sitting. An increase in pupils over the published admission number would exacerbate this problem.
  • Children with special needs are catered for within School, but the positioning of toilets may cause problems where mobility is an issue. Facilities for cleaning children (including children with a statement of
    special educational needs) are very minimal.
  • The School has growing numbers of children on the Special Educational Needs register (currently 13.3%) some of whom benefit from being withdrawn from their classroom on regular occasions to access specific
    personalised learning activities. The School has very limited ‘common areas’ to allow for this. There is a lot of demand on the ‘common areas’, and all rooms are in constant use.