Your interest, support and co-operation in your child’s education are of the greatest importance. We welcome your help in forming and maintaining good habits and attitudes. Your children will benefit when there is a combined effort from both school and home.

We hold Parents Evening each term, over two evenings, for you to discuss your child’s progress with the teacher. In addition, there is an open afternoon in the Summer Term to enable parents to come in and see the school at work. A written report is sent home towards the end of each school year

Parents are welcome to consult staff at any time for further information or advice. However, it is helpful if parents leave non-urgent contact with class teachers until the end of the school day.

Sports Premium

The Government now provides funding of £150 million per annum for primary school sports funding. This funding is being jointly…
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The School Day

The School Day Children start arriving on our playground from 8:40 am, when the school gates open. There are senior…
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We hope that you will join us regularly for school assemblies, concerts and other events. Details of these and meetings to do with the organisation and curriculum of the school are provided in regular newsletters.

Parents are encouraged to help us with a variety of classroom and administrative activities. If you would like to volunteer your support please contact any member of staff. If you know of any way of helping the school through your own work, or if we can help your organisation, please let us know.

Our Home-School Agreement, drawn up in consultation with parents and pupils, helps us to work in partnership with you. Your child, the teacher and the parent(s) sign the agreement. It outlines what you should expect of school and what school should expect of you and your child.