Maths: Teaching for Mastery

We use a Teaching for Mastery approach. We use a range of high-quality resources to inform our teaching, including resources from the National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM).

In our lessons, children will explore an anchor task, take part in episodic teaching and discussion, use concrete, pictorial, and abstract representations, and routinely explain their thinking.


We consider the 5 big ideas in Teaching for Mastery when planning lessons. Here are some videos of our children explaining what each of these mean.

To assist in curriculum recovery post 2020, we base our curriculum around the DfE Ready to Progress Materials. This means we focus in on small steps of learning and ensure children know and understand key content, so they are ready to progress to future learning.

Our approach to Teaching for Mastery can be summed up by this excellent poster (from Martin Adsett, Thameside Primary School).

A fantastic video of what we are hoping to achieve with teaching for Mastery.