Committees: Resources (Chair)
Subject Link: Curriculum cohesion
Term of Office: 7/12/16 – 6/12/24

Graham Burton (Chair)


I have been a school governor since 2016.  I have worked in education for over 20 years as an IT Technician in schools and Further Education colleges across Birmingham. I have also been a volunteer in two charities in Birmingham as the treasurer and also have experience in employment relations due to being Secretary of Trade union branch.  I am also currently studying for my BA (Hons) in Management and Leadership.


Committees: Personal development
Term of Office: 3.4.19 – 2.4.23

Nicola Daly

Parent Governor

I have nominated myself for parent governor as I am committed and dedicated to supporting the continued growth of Hollywood School. Two of my children have been pupils at Hollywood and therefore am heavily invested in the improvement and development of the school.

I currently work in the education sector and feel that my skills and knowledge can be put to good use on the governing body at Hollywood. I am passionate and dedicated in the development of my current school and enjoy being part of a team, always pushing to further improve an outstanding school.  I want to commit the same drive and energy to Hollywood School to benefit our children.

I feel that I could represent the parental view at governing body meetings and will work positively to ensure all pupils have a positive experience.


Committees: TBA
Subject Link: TBA
Term of Office: 15.7.20 – 14.7.24

Leah Carden

Co-opted Governor

I have recently joined the board as a co-opted governor. In my day job I am a GP in South Birmingham and I’ve previously been a family support worker. I am looking forward to getting to know the staff, pupils and families of Hollywood during my time as a governor, and working together with the rest of the board to support the school.


Committees: All
Term of Office: Ex-Officio

Simon Dix

Head Teacher

I have been the Head teacher of Hollywood Primary School since April 2009.  I first became a Head teacher in 1996. I have been a head teacher in three other schools and a governor at various schools since 1990.


Committees: Standards (Chair)
Subject Link: Behaviour and attitudes
Term of Office: 3.4.19 – 2.4.23

Anna Pendlebury

Co-opted Governor

I became a governor in early 2019. I have worked in the third sector for ten years, often working with schools. I currently work in fundraising for a locally based charity. I look forward to working with and supporting the staff, parents and pupils at Hollywood.


Committees: Resources (Vice-Chair)
Subject Link: SEN
Term of Office: 8.7.19 – 06/07/23

Jane Grundy

Co-opted Governor

I have been working at Hollywood since 2000 as a Teaching Assistant.  I have worked across all year groups from Reception to Year 6.  I joined the Governing Body in 2013 and sit on the Resources Committee.  I have a particular interest in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.



Martin Litt

LA Governor

I have recently joined the board of Governors as the Local Authority (LA) Governor. Originally from Devon, I have lived in south Birmingham for the last 10 years and my daughter attends Hollywood Primary. My professional background could be described as diverse. With 11 years in the wine industry under my belt I co-founded a digital marketing agency with my partner. I aim to support the schools in delivering compassionate and complete education for all students, aiming to help the next generation of international citizens.


Committees: n/a
Subject Link: n/a
Term of Office: n/a

Annie Thomas

Staff Governor

I have been teaching at Hollywood for over 5 years now and I was elected as Staff governor in January 2022, this is my first governor role. I am passionate about the wellbeing and education of all the children at Hollywood. I enjoy being part of a team and look forward to working alongside others to ensure all members of our school community have the best possible experience.


Committees: Reading
Term of Office: 18.9.19 – 17.9.23

Jenny Charsley

Parent Governor

I am a parent governor and currently have one child at the school, with another due to start in September 2021. I work as a class teacher and SENDCO at a local junior school; I absolutely love my job and get a lot of satisfaction from working with children, parents and other professionals. I feel that this gives me good understanding of how to support Hollywood School necessary.


Committees: TBC
Subject Link: TBC
Term of Office: TBC

Jason West

Parent Governor

As a recently elected Parent Governor, this will be my first role supporting the school. I have lived in Hollywood for 41 years and spent a lot of time in the local community. With a background in managing large retail and distribution business’ and also currently operating my own local business I hope to support the school in delivering it’s vision, values and goals across my elected term.


Committees: TBC
Subject Link: TBC
Term of Office: TBC

Jane Maguire

Parent Governor

I am passionate about education, and have a long standing relationship with Hollywood, which began as a pupil and two of my children have or are attending here. I feel I have the necessary skills to fulfil this role. I have previously been a governor at a secondary school, two of these years as Chair of Governors. I have worked within the education system for the vast of my career in various capacities, and the time not within education, was spent managing supported living services for young people within the transforming care agenda. My current role is within SENDIAS, an advisory group under the LA which supports within the realms of educational matters and SEN. In this role, I have to hold various people to account to ensure the law is upheld around decisions made by schools and the local authority. The ability to hold people to account is important as governor, as holding the senior leadership team to account to certify the school is being ran in a way in where it meets the needs of all pupils and guarantees the efficient use of resources to get best outcomes.

The Governing Board of Hollywood Primary School consists of 12 governors representing various stakeholders of the school community – parents, staff and members of the wider community. We have 5 parent governors, 4 co-opted governors, 1 staff governor, 1 local authority governor and the headteacher. The board has the following 3 statutory responsibilities:


  • Work with senior leaders to set the vision, ethos, culture and strategic direction of the school;
  • Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school, progress and attainment of the pupils, and the continuous professional development of the staff;
  • Ensure the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.


Governors discharge these responsibilities through a range of activities such as attending board and committee meetings, receiving reports from senior leaders and external stakeholders, visiting the school to monitor school performance, attending panels and working parties on specific aspects of school life, and engaging with senior leaders in the annual strategy day. Governors attend regular training courses to develop their skills and keep updated with changes in education.  Everything that governors do contributes in some way to at least one of the statutory responsibilities.


The Governing Board operates a structure of 3 committees to focus on specific elements of our work.  Our committees and their responsibilities are:


  • Standards Committee – curriculum, progress, attainment, school development plan, disadvantaged pupils, special educational needs


  • Staff & Pupil Welfare Committee – safeguarding, well-being, mental health, attendance, behaviour, equality & diversity, bullying and homophobic incidents, pastoral care, staff workload


  • Resources Committee – staff structure, budget setting and monitoring, financial audit review, health & safety, IT infrastructure and security, data protection, facilities management


Each of these committees meets once per term and reports back to the main board meeting at the end of each term.  There are also 2 other committees that meet less frequently:


  • Leadership Performance Committee – meets twice a year to conduct the performance management of the headteacher, setting objectives and monitoring performance against them.
  • Pay Committee – meets once a year to agree pay progression for staff.



Myth-buster: Governors do not do the following:


  • Write school policies, but we do approve them
  • Carry out audits even if the governor has the relevant professional experience, but we do review audits conducted by staff
  • Fundraise, but we do oversee the school budget
  • Carry out classroom observations to make judgements about the quality of teaching, but we do recruit a headteacher who performs this role
  • Get involved in the day-to-day operation of the school, we leave this to the headteacher and the school staff

If you are interested in becoming a governor at Hollywood Primary School please talk to Mr Dix in the first instance