General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The data protection law changed in May 2018 and has been brought out to ensure we are all data compliant. The new regulation is about protecting people and their privacy in the modern information age. It gives more control to individuals and more responsibilities to organisations who collect and hold their data. It affects everyone: staff, parents, children and volunteers.

Schools already have strict data protection policies and data is kept secure and used appropriately. GDPR will simply bring even better security, awareness and greater transparency. In many areas consent to use or store data is not needed as schools have a duty to deliver a high standard of education and to keep children safe. When we need your consent, you will be asked for it in a clear manner and be allowed to remove it if you wish. It is important that you know your rights but remember some rights are overridden by the necessity of key school functions.

Parents will already have received (and hopefully returned) our letter regarding the way we use your child’s photographs in and around school and also on our website.

More information can be found on the Information Commissioner (ICO) website:
Any queries or subject access requests should be directed to Sarah Mullins who works in our school office and is our Data Protection Officer.

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