Complaints Procedure

We hope that contact between home and school will be good and that the need for complaint will not arise. However, parents may on rare occasions feel that a complaint needs to be made.

Any day-to-day concerns should be discussed in the first instance with the class teacher who may well be able to sort out any problems. We do ask that such discussions are held privately and at a suitable time and never while the teacher has charge of a group of children.

Either the parent or the teacher may think it suitable to refer some complaints to the Headteacher. This will particularly be the case if the problem involves activities outside the classroom, other children in the school, injuries or matters concerning general school issues.

Any complaint about dinner supervision and meals, caretaking and cleaning, and parent helpers should always be discussed with the Headteacher in the first instance and not directly with the people concerned.

If the parent feels that a complaint has not been dealt with properly by the Headteacher at school they may make representations in writing to the Chair of the Governing Body and a Complaints Committee set up by the Governing Body will deal with the matter officially.

Anyone who has a complaint about the curriculum should apply to the school or the L.E.A. for a copy of the full procedure for making such complaints. Formal complaints about the curriculum must be made in writing to the Governing Body.