Attendance Awards

At Hollywood, we take a number of steps to encourage our pupils to achieve 100% attendance:

Panda Award (Monday Assembly)

An award is given every Monday to one class from FS/KS1 and one class from KS2 that stays in the class for the whole week. Those classes who had no lates are also highlighted.

Weekly 100% Bronze Sticker

All those children who achieved 100% attendance the previous week are awarded a bronze sticker to wear for the week.

Half Term 100% Attendance

Children are awarded a certificate.

End of Term 100% Attendance

Those children who achieved 100% attendance over the whole term receive an award (e.g cinema, panto etc). If the child has 1 whole term of 100% attendance they receive a bronze badge, 2 consecutive terms will earn them a silver badge.

End of Year 100% Attendance

For those children who achieve 100% attendance for the whole year,  they are awarded a certificate, a gold enamel badge and have afternoon tea at the Council House with the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.