Autism Resource Base

The Resource Base opened in October 2014 to support the needs of children with Autism. Known as The Lodge within school, The Resource Base has grown over the last few terms and the children are now fully settled with lots of exciting experiences ahead of them.

The aim of The Lodge is to support the children to access lessons and activities in the mainstream school. The children come to us following a referral from SENAR with the main reason tending to be because coping with the sensory overload of a mainstream classroom can be challenging. In The Lodge, we strive to support these needs and support the children in developing strategies to not only help them within a mainstream environment but also to support their social and academic needs. The children access the Early Years Foundation Stage/National Curriculum and they are taught in small groups or individually using adapted planning.

The Lodge will always be the children’s safe space, even after they have re-integrated into the mainstream school. We treat our children with respect and dignity and their voice is fundamental to everything that we do and want to achieve.


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