Assertive Mentoring-What is it?

Assertive Mentoring is a new system that we are introducing into school.

The Aims of Assertive Mentoring are

- to raise standards for all

- to motivate and involve children

- to inform and involve parents

Primary Assertive Mentoring (PAM) approach, which rigorously integrates target setting, tracking, mentoring & checking systems to give spectacular results because it raises achievement for all!

At the moment, we have introduced the PAM approach for Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Maths across the school. We plan to integrate the Reading approach soon.

Assertive Mentoring brings together a whole series of initiatives and policies we already had at Hollywood Primary School, then goes that extra step to improve them! It is about shining the light on the positive.

Assertive Mentoring targets what a child can do, and what they need to do to move to make progress. It reflects the new National Curriculum 2014 and allows teachers and children to set achievable targets in reading, writing and mathematics each half term.  The system facilitates sharing these targets with parents so that you can help your child to achieve even more quickly.  Children know exactly what they need to learn in order to make progress.  From September 2015, there will be no reference made to levels, but instead we will refer to Stages.

The advantages of the system:

•Quick and easy to use and understand.

•All staff in school use the same approach.

•Children judge their own learning and behaviour: they are startlingly accurate.

•Children are empowered to take ownership and control of the way they behave and their attitude to learning.

•Children who have a good attitude to learning and school life are praised.

How does it look at Hollywood Primary School?

The children are assessed on a half termly basis using clear and precise assessment tasks.

In writing, all children are given a task based around a genre of literacy. The writing assessment also includes a SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) section for all children in years 1 – 6. There is also a focus on planning and self-evaluating their work. Every Friday, children in Years 1-6 will do a ‘Grammar Hammer’ assessment for half a session, and the other half will look at answers, misconceptions and extension work. Spelling sessions, based the Assertive Mentoring scheme, are taught for 20 minutes 3 x per week from Reception to Year 6.

In Maths, once a week the children are given a Basic Skills Check to complete. Each check takes two weeks. In the first session, teachers will support the children to work through the questions. In the second session, teachers are allowed to read out the questions to the children but are not allowed to support with any of the mathematical understanding. They will then use time in the second session to go over any misconceptions immediately and to help the children understand the answers.

Each question/section on all of the assessments correlates directly to a statement on the pupil criteria sheets. These statements are lifted from the new curriculum and are also identical to the statements on Target Tracker. The teacher will then work out how many statements a child has achieved through their assessments and give them a next step based on this. These pupil criteria sheets are also used to give each child individualised targets for writing, grammar and maths.

If you would like more information about the Assertive Mentoring approach, please see the website
or speak to your child’s class teacher.